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Hannah Reva Petty 3 weeks old-8690Hannah Reva Petty 3 weeks old-8690

Hannah Reva Petty 3 weeks old-8667Hannah Reva Petty 3 weeks old-8667


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Hannah's Here! This beauty's middle name, Reva, is after her maternal great-grandmother and maternal great-great-grandmother. Her parents had already chosen her middle name when they learned that she was born on her maternal great-great-grandmother's birthday, January 23!

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Bridal Pictures for a Lovely Couple 79047904

8143-28143-2 79417941

80598059 82108210 82328232

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Engagement Photos for a Fun Couple



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Sixth Anniversary Family Photo Session Blog-7185Blog-7185

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Heaven on Earth

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Newborn Photoshoot  

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Magical Introductions

Parker Family Spring Break 2017-4469Parker Family Spring Break 2017-4469

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Welcome to the World, Baby Boy!  


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Happy Father's Day, Dad! Just returned from spending a week in Oregon visiting my daughter and her husband. Grateful that my parents also made the trip. Spending time with family members is such a blessing! Hope these pictures bring a smile to my dad's face on this Father's Day.

Natalie Nana Heidi George Fox Bridge Oregon 2016-1665Natalie Nana Heidi George Fox Bridge Oregon 2016-1665

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Beautiful Young Family  


Robert H. Parker, III Family 2016-1238Robert H. Parker, III Family 2016-1238

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Blessed to Be Their Mom: A Dying Mother Shares Her Love The morning I arrived to capture Jeni's story, she had just returned from a chemotherapy treatment, and didn't feel up to being interviewed. "Rest for a few moments, and perhaps you'll feel better," her aunt suggested. I'm grateful Jeni eventually rallied, and we were able to capture her on video for nearly an hour.

In this video clip from that interview, Jeni expresses love for her three children, who faced many challenges as she battled cancer. I was touched by the peace she exuded, and by her confidence that "the Lord will make so much out of their lives." She passed away two months after this interview. Though she is gone, her words will bless her children's lives forever.


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Preserving the Voices We Love Don't be surprised if you start saving voicemails from your parents or grandparents after you hear Charles Ornstein's NPR story (5:38), "'Kiss Everybody': Voice Mails Live On After Parents Are Gone."  Here are a few lines from his heartwarming story:

I have many treasured memories of my mom, who died two years ago this month. . . .But somehow, oddly, the voice mails — those unscripted moments of everyday life — are the ones I turn to most often.

How are you preserving the voices of those you love? 

Enjoying time with my parents on Mom's 80th birthday.

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Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

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Matt Graduates from Brigham Young University Congratulations to this amazing graduate of the BYU Marriott School of Business!

Matt Smith Graduation-8475Matt Smith Graduation-8475


Matt's new LinkedIn profile pic.


Matt Smith Graduation-8822Matt Smith Graduation-8822



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Angel on a Swing Leila-9012Leila-9012

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Engagement Photo Shoot for Megan and Tanner Congratulations to an amazing couple!

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Fashion Shoot for Shrieking Violet Attire  

Click here to visit the Shrieking Violet Attire website!

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Mother and Child



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Keep Going Strong, Nana! Nana's 79th Birthday-4111-2Nana's 79th Birthday-4111-2

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